Client: Kulamedia
Produced: June, 2012
Tools: Adobe Captivate, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro

Compliance Training Scaled for Learning
This mini-scenario was inspired by an incredibly long, and incredibly ineffective compliance eTraining “course” I came across at a worksite. It took the “sit and listen to this (for 40 minutes!, I’m telling you it’s important” approach. One of the biggest money-making schemes, for them, that Instructional Designers have put over on corporate managers!

Intelligent content design that focuses energy and effort on topics that make a difference in performance, such as the mini-scenario shown above, and committing the easy, referential content to print in some form, is the cost-effective way to go. In sexual harassment compliance training, everybody knows that the clown who hits on a coworker overtly or implies a promotion in exchange for sexual favors is way out of line. What people often don’t understand is that casual remarks made with no overt sexual intent — the subject of this mini-scenario — may also be legally interpreted as harassment. Thus it becomes worth the interactive investment to make sure this particular point is understood. The easy concepts and referential details can be handled effectively and cheaply with text, info graphics, and other fast and inexpensive tactics.